Battery Box Motorcycle
Designed with batteries in mind

This Motorcycle is one of a few bikes totally designed from the ground up to be a Electric Motorcycle.

A classic internal combustion engine (ICE) motorcycle has the frame built around and designed to hold the engine and this tends to dictate much of design and look.

The BBM-1 frame is designed around holding the batteries and storing as much energy as possible within the frame. To do that and free up the chassis space for batteries, some very innovative engineering needed to be employed.

The Body

An electric motorcycle has to light weight; the BBM-1 weights 200 pounds complete. This was accomplished by using a all aluminum frame and light weight batteries (more on the batteries later).

The Engine

To free up the frame for batteries I used a distributed power system using 2 motors. A 6KW hub motor and a 3KW boost motor. Currently boost is applied manually through a switch on the handlebars. This acts like a electronic 2 speed transmission and may be one of the most advanced motorcycle electric drive trains in the world. The boost feature give the bike real motorcycle feel with exceptional efficiency. One can be cruising along and hit the boost switch and feel the surge of power, it feel just like downshifting a ICE bike. Yet on a typical trip the bike uses only 80W/Hr of energy per mile, just a super efficient bike.

The Batteries

The bike uses the most advanced and safest battery chemistry available. The standard battery is a lifePO4 chemistry it will never overheat never catch on fire as older technologies did. Truly safe and powerful. The BBM-1 used a 48 volt system at 40A/Hr. The batteries will last over 2000 cycles or at least 5 years. You can expect to go about 40 miles on the standard battery system, with a extended battery available.

So you want to ride it and you want to know how it handles right? Well the BBM-1 has a great low center of gravity and within its intended operating envelope and at speeds up to 50 mph, its a fun well behaved machine designed to grip the road. But of course you have to ride the bike to experience the ride.

Well at this point, I hope your asking how can I buy one.

Soon and I mean soon I hope to be offering the BBM-2 production motorcycle. If you want to be one of the first to get one all you have to do is drop me an email with your name, address and you'll be on the list for one of the first and most advanced motorcycles in the world.